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Mobile robots research for innovative industrial applications: A new research trend happening in Luxembourg

May 28, 2018 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Co-sponsored by: QUT

Mobile robots such as service robots, highly automated cars, drones or space robots are expected to become a huge market in the coming years. In contrast to the stationary and automatic robots arms, mobile service robots will be able to move in an unstructured environment, to perform complex tasks with a higher degree of autonomy and also to closely interact with humans users. While considerable progress has been made in recent years in single areas such as mechatronics, sensors, control, computer vision or artificial intelligence, a still remaining problem is the efficient overall and systematic design and engineering of autonomous mobile robots and how to efficiently transfer the research results into innovative, safe and reliable but also cost-efficient mobile robotic products. This issue has to be solved in both sides, the research and the industry.

This connection is called to be more direct and efficient than has been done during the last decade. Innovative companies were, in most of the times, willing to have this cooperation but in most of the cases the ecosystem to collaborate were not efficiently created. Nowadays, some countries are trying to push this cooperation harder, and one of this countries is Luxembourg. After beat successfully the steel crisis of the 1970s and the financial crisis happen in last decade, this country is used to reinvent itself many times. They are convinced since some years that the future is on research and create this kind of ecosystem based on successful models such as Silicon Valley. One of the selected research topics is Robotics for the uses in ground, aerial and space robotics. One of the examples is the national initiative for spaceresources.lu. In this talk I will speak about the research situation in Luxembourg and some on the more challenging projects in robotics that we, at the Automation and Robotics Research Group, are leading nowadays in collaboration with innovative industrial companies and thanks to the ecosystem created by the country.

Speaker(s): Miguel Olivares,

Room: Cantina
Bldg: S Block, Level 11
Queensland University of Technology
2 George Street
Brisbane, Queensland


May 28, 2018
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
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