R005 (Australia Council)Class: Geographic SPOType: CouncilURL:
STB33401 (Central Queensland Univ)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student Branch
STB11721 (Central Queensland University)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student Branch
STB36111 (Griffith Univ)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student Branch
STB60681 (Griffith Univ - Gold Coast Campus)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student Branch
WE00553 (Queensland Section Affinity Group, WIE)Class: Organizational SPOType: AffinityURL:
GD00553 (Queensland Section Affinity Group, YP)Class: Organizational SPOType: AffinityURL:
CH10448 (Queensland Section Chapter, AES10)Class: Technical SPOType: ChapterURL:
CH10097 (Queensland Section Chapter, C16)Class: Technical SPOType: ChapterURL:
CH10451 (Queensland Section Chapter, EMB18)Class: Technical SPOType: ChapterURL: http://
CH10096 (Queensland Section Chapter, PE31/DEI32)Class: Technical SPOType: Joint ChapterURL:
CH10325 (Queensland Section Chapter,CIS11)Class: Technical SPOType: ChapterURL:
CH10153 (Queensland Section Jt Chapter,SP01/COM19)Class: Technical SPOType: Joint ChapterURL:
CH10240 (Queensland Section Jt. Chapter, CS23/RA24)Class: Technical SPOType: Joint ChapterURL:
CH10810 (Queensland Section Jt. Chapter, PEL35/IE13/IA34)Class: Technical SPOType: Joint ChapterURL:
CH10281 (Queensland Section Jt. Chapter,AP03/MTT17)Class: Technical SPOType: Joint ChapterURL:
STB13051 (Queensland Univ Of Tech)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student Branch
STB33411 (Univ Of Southern Queensland)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student Branch
STB06821 (University of Queensland)Class: Geographic SPOType: Student Branch
HKN247 (University of Queensland, Mu Kappa)Class: Organizational SPOType: AffinityURL:
CH10354 (Victorian/ACT/NSW/Qld/SA/WA Jt Chap, SIT30)Class: Technical SPOType: Joint Chapter